API 1.3.0


Retrieve a list of images for an album.


  • APIKey string (required)
    Your SmugMug API Key.

  • SessionID string
    A valid session.

  • AlbumID integer (required)
    The id for a specific album.

  • AlbumKey string (required)
    The key for a specific album.

  • Associative boolean (JSON & PHP responses only)
    Returns an associative array.
    Default: false

  • Callback string (JSON & PHP responses only)
    A JSONP callback function to be executed on the client side.

  • CustomSize string
    A custom size image to return.

  • Extras string
    A comma separated string of additional attributes to return in the response.

  • Heavy boolean
    Returns a heavy response for this method.
    Default: false

  • LastUpdated integer
    Return results where LastUpdated is after the epoch time provided.

  • Password string
    The password for the album.

  • Pretty boolean
    Return a more human friendly response.
    Default: false

  • Sandboxed boolean
    Forces URLs to a location with a crossdomain.xml file.
    Default: false

  • SitePassword string
    The site password for a specific user.

  • Strict boolean
    Enable strict error handling.
    Default: false


  • Album struct
    • id integer
      The id for this album.

    • Key string
      The key for this album.

    • ImageCount integer
      The number of images in this album.

    • Images array

      • Image struct
        • id integer
          The id for this image.

        • Key string
          The key for this image.

    • URL string
      The URL for this album.


  • 3 - invalid session
  • 4 - invalid user (message)
  • 15 - empty set (no images found) (strict only)
  • 16 - invalid data (message)
  • 18 - invalid API key
  • 22 - missing required parameter (message)
  • 98 - service unavailable

Sample Responses

    "stat": "ok",
    "method": "smugmug.images.get",
    "Album": {
        "id": 1234,
        "Key": "xCXXu",
        "ImageCount": 1,
        "Images": [
                "id": 12345,
                "Key": "nrBE6"