This reference only covers the most important details. Use the Live API Browser to see everything.

Live example: /api/v2/image/jPPKD2c

An image is a photo or video stored on SmugMug.

Important fields

Owner-writeable? Name Description Notes
X Altitude The altitude this image was taken at
X Caption The caption
Date Time when this image was first uploaded Never changes, even when the image is replaced with another upload
X Hidden Is this image hidden?
X Keywords A semicolon-separated list of keywords
X KeywordsArray A JSON array of keywords
LastUpdated Time of the last change to this image Includes changes to image content or properties, as well as replacement
X Latitude The latitude this image was taken at
X Longitude The longitude this image was taken at
X Title The title
X Watermark Does this image have a watermark?
WebUri The URI to view this image on the SmugMug website

Important links

Name Description
ImageAlbum The album where this image is stored
ImageMetadata Additional metadata from the image file
ImageSizeDetails Raw media URLs and dimensions of all available sizes of this image

Downloading photo or video media

To access raw photo or video media, get a URL from the ImageSizeDetails endpoint. You will need to use your OAuth access token if the media (or the particular size of the media that you want) is not available to the public.

Uploading a photo or video

See this page about the Uploader API.