SmugMug API Reference

The SmugMug API is designed to be discoverable and self-documenting, which means you can learn a lot about it just navigating the API itself using our Live API Browser. However, we have not yet perfected the self-documenting approach, so here we are providing some hand-written explanation about the most critical endpoints.

Endpoint Example Description
User /api/v2/user/cmac SmugMug user account
UserProfile /api/v2/user/cmac!profile SmugMug user profile
Image /api/v2/image/jPPKD2c A photo or video
Album /api/v2/album/SJT3DX An album of photos and/or videos
AlbumImage /api/v2/album/SJT3DX/image/jPPKD2c A photo or video in the context of a particular album
Folder /api/v2/folder/user/cmac/SmugMug A folder, which can contain albums and other folders