This reference only covers the most important details. Use the Live API Browser to see everything.

Live example: /api/v2/node/XWx8t

A node is a folder, album, or page. Folders contain albums, pages, and other folders, and albums contain images.

To browse a user's node hierarchy, you will typically start at the root by following the Node link from the User endpoint. For example, this is the user cmac's root folder node:


Important fields

Owner-only? Owner-writeable? Name Description
DateAdded Time when this node was created (which never changes)
DateModified The last time when this node, or one of its descendants, was modified
X Description The human-readable description
X Name The human-readable title
X PasswordHint The hint for the viewing password
X X Privacy Public, Unlisted, or Private
X X SmugSearchable Allow this node to appear in SmugMug search results?
X UrlName The user-configurable part of the WebUri
WebUri The node's page on the SmugMug website
X X WorldSearchable Allow this node to appear in external search results?

The SmugSearchable and WorldSearchable fields have more possible values at the root folder than at other folders.

Important links

Name Description
Album Additional settings and links which only album nodes have (only present if this node is an album)
ChildNodes The immediate child nodes of this node
HighlightImage An image which can be used as a representative of this node
ParentNode The parent node
ParentNodes This node and all its ancestors
UnlockNode Unlock this node (only present if locked)
User The user who owns this node

Creating a node

To create a node, you must POST to the ChildNodes endpoint of the folder node where you want the new node to be created:

The response, if successful, will be the Node object that was created. Note that there is a limit to how deep the folder hierarchy can be. The root of your account can contain folder trees that go five folders deep. Albums do not count toward this depth limit.