This reference only covers the most important details. Use the Live API Browser to see everything.

Live example: /api/v2/user/cmac!profile

A user profile is the data provided by a user to establish that user's public presence. This may include social networking links, biographical text, and bio and cover images.

Important fields

Owner-writeable? Name Description
X BioText The user's biographical text
Blogger The user's Blogger blog
Custom The user's custom page
Facebook The user's Facebook page
Instagram The user's Instagram feed
Pinterest The user's Pinterest page
Tumblr The user's Tumblr blog
Twitter The user's Twitter feed
Vimeo The user's Vimeo page
Wordpress The user's Wordpress blog
YouTube The user's YouTube page

Important links

Name Description
BioImage The user's bio image
CoverImage The user's cover image
User The user